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Rusty Lavergne is the founder of Flying Wings of Louisiana along with his wife and co-founder, Kelly Lavergne. Rusty is a former Army Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot (1994-2002)and  has been fulfilling his passion of aviation by  flying helicopters for the past 28 years. Rustys love of aviation has led him to flying fixed wing airplanes where he has acquired his CFI, CFII and MEI. 

Having raised their 3 sons, Rusty and Kelly were ready for another chapter in life of giving back. Cancer has affected both of their families and they decided to focus their efforts by supporting those who are in any stage of cancer.  Flying Wings  serves cancer patients with free flights in general aviation planes by volunteer pilots to  MD Anderson in Houston and St. Jude in Memphis. Flying Wings is Rusty and Kelly’s contribution to the  community. The organization has expanded its geographical reach by frequently partnering with other organizations to get patients to the necessary medical treatment they need. 

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