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Reg White was the proud owner of Comanche N8721P prior to it being purchased by Flying Wings of Louisiana. Reg loved his well-equipped, meticulously maintained airplane and he was a skilled and avid pilot who enjoyed flying beyond measure. One of his favorite activities was to take family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, up for a ride and infect them with the fun and delights of flying.

But as he and his wife, Katie were raising their young family in south Louisiana cancer struck Reg suddenly in late 2017. While they maintained hope for several years of good health, Reg's life was cut short in March 2018 at age 43.

Reg was known to all for his intelligence, competence, incisive wit, practical and common sense, compassion and intense, fierce love for his family and friends who miss him dearly.

Katie is shouldering on, buoyed by the intense love she and Reg shared and the joys their three babies bring.

Knowing that it would be Reg's honor to approve and bless this transaction, it was Katie who then agreed to allow Rusty Lavergne and Flying Wings of Louisiana to purchase Reg's beloved Comanche N8721P for the intended purpose of flying pediatric cancer patients to their treatment locations.

Katie, and Reg's entire family have expressed their sincere best wishes and pray for God's blessings on Flying Wings of Louisiana and the valuable and compassionate service that it will be providing to young cancer patients.

And there is no doubt that Reg will be proudly watching over the operation from above.

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